Choose Home Decor to Suit Your Personal Style


Many homeowners plunge into decorating their domiciles without a clue as to what the end result ought to be. Too often this lack of planning leads to a hodgepodge of home furnishings, when a little thought would have created a beautiful and inviting home. When decorating your home, it is most important to consider what kind of design might best suit your home.

Urban dwellers often find that the contemporary style with its sleek, clean lines and bold colors best suits their modern apartments since they emphasize simplicity and spaciousness. On the other hand, those who dwell in buildings with some historic charm can draw inspiration from period designs.

One of the popular decor styles today is known as Steampunk, a design that mixes such Victorian features as lace doilies and fabrics in floral prints with lots of brass and artwork made with gears, cogs and keys representing the Industrial Age. In fact, many homeowners who favor Steampunk think of themselves as the “new antiquarians,” straddling the present practical age with a bygone romantic era.

Another popular decor designs today that has stemmed from our increased consciousness of the environment is a trend known as Shabby Chic. This decor makes good use of the environmental movement by focusing on home furnishing elements that are re-purposed, reused and recycled. Secondhand stores are popular sources for this type of decor but the found items aren’t refurbished to look new. Instead they are cherished for every nick and dent, symbols of today’s effort toward home sustainability.

Some home decor styles are clearly influenced by their geography. The Pueblo style, for example, makes strong use of the adobe-brick building techniques of the American Southwest, combined with the strong geometric patterns and vivid primary colors of Native American art and fabrics. Add dashes of Spanish influence from colonial times and you have a truly distinctive decor.


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