Heat Pumps For Your Home


No matter where we live, we either need heating or cooling to stay comfortable. Most of us buy or rent a home and make use of whatever equipment is in it. Years down the road, it will need serious repair, or we may find it too costly to operate. If you are considering something new, why not consider heat pumps? They can be quite efficient, and you may find it can help lower your energy bills.

While you may want to find another option in the arctic for your heating needs, a moderate climate is ideal for heat pumps. These units move heat from the cold outside to the warm inside, and to cool they move warm air from inside to the warm outside. These units are not generating heat they are moving it so they don’t work as hard. If you use electricity to cool and heat your home your bill could go down with your energy usage. These units are also very effective at dehumidifying the air. As said before if you live in a climate that sees extreme cold you would want a better source for heat. For homes without heating ducts there are ductless versions.

Geothermal units will work in harsher climates. They use the more constant temperate of the ground to heat or cool. These units do cost more to install, but they are cheaper to operate. Customers are generally happy with the heating and cooling capability. There are some features to look for that might tell you how effective a unit might be.

Two speed compressors, will reduce wear on a single compressor, they also work well with zoned heating and cooling systems. Variable or dual speed motors can reduce electricity costs while reducing hot and cool spots in the home. This feature can also reduce noise. Desuperheater is a feature that you might like to heat water. It recovers wasted heat from the pumps cooling setting and can use it to heat water. This feature can be more effective than a traditional water heater. Scroll compressors are said to provide warmer air. Lastly, back up burners can be helpful for those in the cooler climates.

When considering heat pumps you will want to talk with dealers in your area. A professional will be able to help you size a unit to your home. They will also let you know if they think your climate can handle any given model. It is important to look for the features that will make the system work the best for your needs.


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