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Home Improvement is part of the Homeowners responsibility. You have chosen to invest in a home and it is just part of growing. Some people have to add a room to their home because they are having a baby. Or their in laws have to move in, Ouch! LOL

What ever your reason for investing in home improvements they will always give you a great return if done in the proper manner. There are a few simple home improvement rules so that you save time and money.

Contact 3 different companies and ask for a detailed written proposal that consists of :

  • Cost of Materials
  • Cost of Labor
  • How many hours from start to completion

If you follow the above we guarantee that you will get the most bang for your buck!

Make sure you are home when all contractors are on site & ask questions. Be prepaired you are about to write them a check. You want to know how long they have been doing business and always ask for referrals. Referrals are the best way to know if the contractor is legit and knows what he is doing.

Now that you have 3 written proposals in your hand or on screen, simply compare them and see what your getting. If you are not sure what to do check out the refferals, ask for each companies website. Take a few minutes and browse all 3 sites and check ou their testimonial pages. Make sure that all their previous customers are happy and are still happy.

How To Tips
This is a great Tip, always ask each company if they accept credit cards, when they say yes you simply reply, than you also except cash discounts. Most credit card charges are around 3% of $1,000.00 = $30.00. You just saved $30.00, It is a $30.00 Question. Ask 1 a day for a month and you have $900.00. Just a thought, do what you think is right….

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