How to Keep Water at Home Clean


Water is one of the essentials in our everyday life. We drink and bathe everyday and almost everything that we do depends on it. Keeping our water clean and safe especially at home is very important because it can help a lot in making our health in good condition. It keeps us away from any disease and maintains the cleanliness of our body and even our surroundings. To do this, here are some tips:

1. Make sure to keep your water containers clean all the time. Storing water is one way to save water. It is also a way to avoid stress when there is water shortage in your place. But storing water comes with a great responsibility. Containers that will be used must be thoroughly washed with soap and rinsed well with clean water before using it. Also, do not use containers which were used to store milk or fruit juices because bacteria might grow in it when water is stored in it.

2. Clean your swimming pool area regularly. Using intex pool cleaners, you can clean your pool area as thorough as possible. Cleaning the whole area means that there is lesser tendency for the water to be dirty and harmful. Also, have the habit of cleaning the pool water as much as needed because it will kill all the harmful microorganisms that may cause diseases.

3. Purify your drinking water. Drinking water is the most important water that we must assure of being clean because it is the water that our body intakes. There are different ways to keep the drinking water clean. Some of those are boiling and purifying.

4. Have the water covered. Every part of the house with water must have a cover in it because water contamination and diseases might occur when it is exposed to dirt, insects and other harmful elements. Make sure that your drinking water and other stored water are covered all the time. Swimming pool must also be covered when not in use. There are pool covers that are available in the market that you can use. Pool covers doesn’t just keep your water clean but it can also help you save water.

5. Keep water away from any chemicals. To keep the water safe and clean, it must also be placed in a place where there is no chemical near it. This must be done to assure that there will be no other chemicals that will be combined with it which can cause contamination.


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