How To Sleep During The Heat Wave


As temperatures reach the 3 digit mark throughout most of the country, everyone struggles with the stifling heat. It is hard to stay cool when the moment you walk out the door the heat and humidity engulf you. In an instant you wilt and droop like a flower.

In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg declared a heat emergency. Mayor Bloomberg and Con Ed are asking New Yorkers to conserve energy. You can help conserve by turning off computers, TV’s, and lowering the air conditioner whenever possible. Even the Empire State Building is pitching in by displaying fewer lights.

The haze smothers New York City and you have to squint to see the Statue of Liberty. Even the Dixie Chics postponed their concert tonight because it was too hot. The unbearable heat makes it difficult to get a good night sleep. Tossing and turning is not the only option during the heat at bedtime. Follow some of these tips which can keep you cool long enough to fall asleep.

· Take a cool shower or bath before bed. Pat yourself dry, leaving your skin moist. Let the air dry the
rest of you so you stay cool until you fall asleep.

· Wear light bedclothes preferably cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that absorbs and releases
perspiration quickly. This allows the fabric to breathe and keeps you cooler.

· Sleep on 100% cotton sheets for the same reason as above.

· Keep cold ice water in a spray mister by your bed. If you wake up warm spray some water on

· Spray your sheets with cool water until damp. Lie on top of the damp sheets to keep cool and fall

· Use an ice bag to cool your neck head and neck area (this can be a Ziploc back filled with ice). Most
body heat is lost through your head so this can really help cool you down.

· Keep a glass of ice water by your bed to drink and stay cool.

· Spray your cotton top sheet with cold water. Place the sheet in a plastic bag and then into the
freezer. After a half hour take the sheet out of the freezer and place the cold sheet on top of you at
bedtime to stay cool.

· If you need to sleep with a sheet make sure your feet stick out under the sheets so body heat will

· If you live in a multi story house you know heat rises. Sleep downstairs on the couch, air mattress
or on the floor to stay cooler.

· Keep shades down all day (or even better get room darkening shades) to block the sunlight from
heating up your bedroom even more.

· If you have a fan place a deep bowel of ice in front of it. This will produce cooler air around you.
Make sure the bowel is deep enough so when the ice melts it won’t spill over and that electrical
cords are away from the water.


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